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100% Manual Directory Listings | Get Listed in Top Business Directories

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Directory submission service to promote your site while giving a boost to your search engine rankings.

At Linking Service, we have devised effective strategies, found useful directories, and done our homework to make this service offer some direct SEO benefits.

You don’t have to think that using online directories to promote your business is a rather antiquated advertising method; it pays dividends when your site is listed in trustworthy directories. We do it for you and ensure that the same reputation is linked to your site.

Having your business listed on authoritative directories would translate into high-quality backlinks, all pointing back to your site. Not only are these one way links, they are “high quality” backlinks having a direct impact on your search engine rankings. Business directory listings should be a part of your SEO and SEM campaigns – we make it simple and affordable for you.




What Makes Business Directory Listings so Appealing:

Increased consumer access is probably the most important benefit your business gets through our business directory listing service. Provided that you choose directories sensibly, you can have potential access to consumers from all over the world. These online directories are unlike printed directories that come with limited access.

With a variety of specialized directories available online, you will find it easier to reach your target audience. We know how to find niche directories for your business; we submit your site, get it listed and allow you to access audience that is more receptive to your message.

Since we rely on manual submissions and only pick the best directories for submissions, we make sure your site stays there for long. In other words, we help you get permanent one-way links through our directory submission service. When you get listed in search engines, you get traffic not only from people browsing these directories but also from people using search engines to find a business.

Getting the Best Value through Our Listings Service:

Submitting your site to high quality directories is one effective way of building relevant, permanent, and one-way backlinks. Even if you think you know some directories and can handle it yourself, you cannot. Each directory is different with different guidelines. It takes time to screen and find some niche directories to access target traffic. This is when our listing service makes a splash.

With our business directory listings, you can be sure of seeing a positive change in your exposure, traffic, and search engine rankings. We pay attention to Google search engine algorithms and keep tuning our service accordingly. Not only can you use multiple descriptions and titles with our service, you can also use it for deep linking.

Even if you prefer getting your site submitted gradually, for a more natural appeal, we are willing to do it for you. We move on a slow but persistent pace to ensure your site doesn’t get flagged for spam or over-optimization penalties. And above all, we offer guaranteed listings – that is – you don’t pay for submissions but you pay for 100% approved listings.

By using our service, you’re always in a win-win situation. Here are a few reasons why you should pick one of our packages.

  • We help you get permanent and relevant backlinks.
  • We submit sites manually and build links naturally.
  • We only use 100% SEO friendly directories for quick indexation.
  • We never use directories with "nofollow" attribute.
  • We pick directories known for the fast review time.
  • We don't use a single network for link building.
  • We ensure all your links come from different Class C IPs.
  • We ensure every client gets 100% static links.
  • We have experts handling the task, and ensuring guaranteed submission.
  • We provide you with a detailed report for all listings.
  • We offer highly affordable packages that suit everyone's needs. 

The bottom line is that submitting to theme-based directories with proper titles and descriptions is a surefire way of building relevant and effective links along with generating targeted traffic; however, it works only when submissions are handled properly and at the same time are approved in a short time.



How can I Pick the best package?

Check your status. If you already have hundreds of links pointing back to your site, you may want to submit in bulk. However, we suggest you to opt for our smaller packages with fewer listings if your site is new and have fewer backlinks.

Do I have to provide you with specific keywords for listings?

Yes. While you place your order, don’t forget to mention at least five niche keywords for which you want to be listed in directories and search engines. We can provide keyword research for you if needed. It's always a good thing to use as many descriptions and anchor text as possible to make it looks naural.

Do you offer white-hat SEO service?

Absolutely. We've been doing it for years, and many of our existing clients are already enjoying the amazing benefits of directory submissions. Since we use SEO-friendly directories, use manual submissions and avoid directories with “no-follow” tag, we always fetch positive results for your site.

Do I get relevant links with this service?

Absolutely, the submission is done by qualified experts, they carefully submit to each directory with care, making sure your listing is submited in the most relevant category that best suit your website niche.

Do you have any recommendations for better results?

Yes, our SEO experts recommend our prestigious clients to order less than 100 listings per month. This will help keep them from dealing with Google penalties that they have for sites building too many links too quickly. We run your campaign slowly yet consistently and keep your link portfolio as diverse as possible for optimum results.

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