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Video Submission Service | SEO Video Submissions

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Get your motion graphic video promoted for better rankings and higher traffic using top-notch and affordable video submission services.

Video marketing is turning out to be an effective way to enhance your website and business, and our video submission services can get your started to harness the power of online videos. Whether you already have a video with you or want it created from scratch, we're here to help. We can create it or use the one already created to raise awareness about your products and boost your rankings.

Video marketing is all about submitting your video to different video websites such as Vimeo, YouTube, Break, Facebook, Posterous, Tumbler, etc. People on many of these social media sites check your video and share it with their friends – it's a form of viral marketing which in turn improves your online visibility and traffic.

Video Submission Service - Our Packages:


Benefits of Our Video Submission Services

Through our SEO video submission services, we provide our prestigious clients with an eye-catching way to sell their products and services – motion picture is always an effective way to grab your visitor's attention. You will also enjoy many other benefits using our video submission and marketing services. For instance:

  • A good video is like a sales agent – it sells your products in a convincing way.
  • A professionally created and optimized video has better reach compared to strategies.
  • A properly created and marketed video will improve your site's conversion rates.
  • A good video will directly address the needs of your target audience.
  • A fine video is useful for customer loyalty and branding.
  • A good video is like a sales agent – it sells your products in a convincing way.
What it implies is that videos can offer several benefits, but you should also understand that these benefits would depend on how effectively a video is optimized and submitted to different video marketing websites. We have a team of video SEO experts that not only optimizes your video for different sites but also uploads it properly to yield impressive results. 


SEO Video Submission

Submitting your videos to different sites is not enough – you should have the knowledge of video SEO and be aware of the sites that could direct maximum traffic to your website. That's where Linking Service can lend a helping hand.

Before starting the submission process, we ensure that the video is optimized properly. No matter how impressive the video is, it will not offer any SEO benefits unless it's optimized properly. It's only for this reason that we encourage our clients to also use our video creation service to get a professionally shot video, which will also be optimized in a perfect way.

If you use our video creation services, we ensure that the content of your video is directly related to the keywords you have provided – and relevancy is the key to success. Even if you offer your own video, we don't start submission process unless we optimize it to achieve our two goals – engagement and high search engine rankings.

For this, we also make the right use of keywords in the Title, Tags and Description. Our experts ensure that they don't use too many different keywords for a single video submission – it reduces the effectiveness of your video, mainly because the first keywords are likely to get more traction than the other keywords.

Why Pick Our Video Submission Service:

Our video marketing and submission services offer the best value for your hard-earned money because our experts know how little moves can make your video more impressive and popular. Here are a few interesting features you'll find in our video submission and marketing packages.

  • We submit all your videos manually – no automation whatsoever.
  • We submit your videos to the 10 most popular video hosting sites and networks.
  • We always submit your video to correct categories to get target traffic for your site.
  • We optimize your videos first and then proceed with submissions.
  • We upload videos keeping in mind the requirements of each video sharing site.
  • We handle everything from creating an account to registering and uploading the videos.
  • We also use different c-class IP's for submitting your videos to avoid spamming.
  • We allow our clients to choose from a number of cost-effective packages.
  • We provide you with a report containing details of each submission.
  • We offer high quality support services with every video submission package.

The fact of the matter is that if you create and promote your video properly, you'll increase your business reach in an exceptional way -- a professionally created video submitted to YouTube could exceed 1 billion views a day. So, make sure you take advantage of this marketing strategy and pick our video submission service for maximum effects.

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