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Video Creation Services | Affordable Video Creation Service

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Raise awareness about your brand and be more visible in the online world of business by using our video creation services.

The online domain has now evolved due to the availability of social networking. Marketing on this platform requires a lot more than the plain textual approach. That's where Linking Service can assist you through their video creation services that will enhance the brand awareness amongst your users.

A professionally created video can save your audience from reading long web copies, and we can create that video for you. Our video creation service is suitable for every business, especially for those that think their industry is too competitive and they need fast results.

Surely, video SEO is one of the very best marketing opportunities - and we can guide you through the process by creating videos for specific audiences like partners, business associates, or for the general user base.

Video Creation Service - Our Packages:


Features of Our Video Creation Services

Provided that your video is created competently, it will always be a better conversion tool as compared to the images and text. We create your video with utmost care and make sure it has all the elements to convince your viewer to take action.


Here are a few of the reasons why we're a better video creation service provider in the industry.

  • We pay attention to creating such videos that will serve as your 24/7 sales agent. It gives enough information in a compelling way to impress your prospective buyer.
  • The videos we create will provide your viewers with the best viewing experience. We create high definition videos with exceptional picture quality.
  • We offer the best human voice over – they are American voice over artists who make your videos more authentic and persuasive.
  • The videos we create always include your website URL in a strategic way to make it easy for the viewer to go to your site. Sometimes, video hosting sites don't allow you to use a direct link to your site in an obvious space, so you have to put it in your video in a way that they see it and use it to get to you.
  • Our video creation services are better than many others mainly because we have experts with us who always find the best way to include a call-to-action in your video. We also ensure that the call-to-actions is editable - you can offer a monthly coupon, a discount deal or anything that fits the bill.
  • We also pay attention to maintaining the best audio quality. Being experts in this field, we truly understand that audio quality is actually a lot more important as compared to the video quality; therefore, we use better equipment to ensure that the audio is clear and loud enough to decipher the message.
  • Our videos are available in different formats, including mp4, etc.
  • We have a number of packages designed carefully to allow everyone pick one as per his/her needs.
  • We provide exceptional customer support with every service you choose. 
Video Creation service - The Process:

We make your videos a lot more effective and productive because we always work following a systematic process. 

  • Research is the first step of creating a top-notch video for better business. It involves gathering information about your products and services. In this phase, we also identify your target audience, their buying habits and keyword phrases that they may be using.
  • Script writing is the next step. Once we have the necessary information, we engage our professional copywriters to create a script for your video.
  • Video creation is the final step. Keeping in mind the research we've done in the first step, we create HD videos for your business. We ask our professional voice over artists to take charge. After making sure it has perfect picture and sound quality, we deliver the video as per our arrangement with the client. 
Types of Videos You Can Order:

    • 1

      Searchmercial: In these types of videos, you can explain your product line and the value they offer. Your video will show up every time someone searches for a product or service related to your niche.

    • 2

      Guides/How to Videos: Creating informative videos is by far the best way of getting necessary attention. And we can help you with that. We create such "how to" videos that are interesting as well as shareable.

    • 3

      Overview Videos: These types of videos involve giving an overview of your business, including your products and services. In a very short duration, it tries to convey your message to your target audience.

    • 4

      Explainer Videos: You can order these types of videos to provide a definitive and unique feature to your brand. Generally, the focus of these videos is on a particular service or product word phrases that they may be using.


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