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Social Bookmark Services |  Manual Social Bookmarking Services

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At Linking Service, we use all possible white hat SEO strategies to build high quality backlinks for your website. Using social sites is just another effective way of accomplishing the same goal of moving up in SERPs.

Our social bookmark service works to improve your business by marketing it in the right circle. We link your site within the various message boards on social networking websites; we also utilize the option of linking through content-centric sites such as Digg,,, and

What gives us an edge over our competition is that we endeavor to help you get well-directed and well-researched visibility through our social bookmarking services without making you shell out a lot of money. Our packages are designed for all budgets; come check it for yourself.




Monthly Social Bookmarking Packages: More Effective

Calendar of monthly bookmarking services

Online bookmarking service is all about taking steps that would popularize your site on social networking communities and platforms. On these platforms, real people interact with each other, and when they vote in your favor, it really means a lot to Google and other search engines.

It’s evident that these services work when you’re consistent with spreading the word about a particular site, and that’s when we help our valuable clients through one of our monthly packages. With these packages, they can be sure of getting their sites promoted professionally in niche social networking sites on a regular basis, which translates into improved reputation, better visibility and higher rankings.

Monthly Packages:




Why We Encourage the Use of Social Bookmarking Submission?

Social websites or social bookmarking sites are basically communities based on a diverse range of topics like Social Community of Video Sites, Social Community of Webmasters etc. Users in these sites bookmark or tag the websites if they like the stories submitted, and that’s where appear and inspire users to tag you by offering them valuable content.

The greater the number of bookmarks, the higher the chances of you getting more organic traffic along with getting more importance by Google and other popular search engines. In fact, Direct Traffic is one of the major reasons why we encourage you to use social bookmarking marketing services; you start receiving traffic from the time we submit your site.

Fast indexing is yet another reason why we advice our clients to try these services. Google bot visits and index these communities regularly; in fact, some sites like Stumble and Digg are indexed every 15-20 minutes. When you have your link listed on these sites under relevant category page, you get your site indexed quickly as well.

Standing Tall with Our Social Bookmark Services:

With a team of SEO and submission experts, we constantly tune our service as per changes made in Google search algorithms. This is the reason why new clients trust us for link building. However, we truly understand that our prospective clients are in search of better rankings, higher traffic and visibility while getting the best ROI – we’ll give you all!

Through our social bookmark submission service, you will get high quality natural links. Our submission experts find social media sites according to the subject of your site and handle everything manually, ensuring that your site isn’t penalized for spam. We proceed with meticulous planning and research keeping in mind that every bookmarking site will have some pros and cons.


Here are a few more reasons to trust us for running this campaign.

  • We have expert Social Media Marketers with years of experience.
  • We offer 100% manual submission, with no automation whatsoever.
  • We submit to highly popular sites to fetch high quality backlinks.
  • We allow you to use multiple titles and descriptions.
  • We save you from reciprocal linking.
  • We can use your keywords, or help you select new ones.
  • We offer flexible ordering options along with packages suitable for all. 
  • We offer professional around-the-clock customer support with all our packages.
  • We send regular reports containing URLs of Social Sites used.
  • You can pay us with ease – by PayPal or by Credit Card.

You can reap amazing benefits through our social bookmarking marketing services. With us, you can promote any page of from your blog or site. Just let us know the URL, key phrases for the page and description for your listing and we will handle the rest. So, give us a call now and see everyone in online communities talking highly about your business.



Why do I have to use your social bookmark services?

We do the hard work to help you enjoy maximum benefits of social media marketing. It’s a time consuming process, as you have to create an account in several sites before going any further with submission. It’s even hectic when done manually. Alternatively, you just have to sign up and let us take pains for the promotion of your business.

Are there any chances of being penalized for spamming?

No, you don’t have to worry about Google penalties. We work according to Google algorithm changes and handle everything manually. We register manually on every social media site, so there is no need to worry about the latest “spam” update.

What are the sites you use for submission?

We use a number of sites, some of which are more specific while others are more common like clipmarks, BlogMarks, MySpace, Slashdot, Furl, RawSugar, Simpy, StumbleUpon,, Yahoo My Web 2.0 and more.

What are your flexible ordering options?

While placing an order, you can choose to submit to a specific number of sites, or you can choose to submit to whole list – we also allow you to choose to submit to your saves favorites only.

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