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Keyword Search Service | Advanced Keyword Research Service

Come find out more about our comprehensive and advanced keyword research services to have an edge over your competition and to improve search engine marketing ROI.

Keyword research service

Optimizing your content for the keyword phrase you think your target audience will be using in Google and other search engines is the basic theory behind search engine optimization. However, it's not simple to predict the combination of words online surfers are using – that's when you need to use a diverse range of keyword research tools.

At Linking Service, we utilize the experience of our SEO team members and the variety of tools available online to fetch the best keywords for your business. Most service providers go for surface-level, fire and forget kind of stuff. But if you want to see a lot more than relative volume levels, you will need a lot more than a basic keyword research tool. That's where we can make a difference through our keyword search service.

Keyword Research - Our Services:


The Process We Follow in Our Keyword Research Service

Our keyword researchers know how to go the distance and get the full skinny on your keywords. They always proceed in a systematic manner and don't rely too much on simple keyword research tools. The keyword study starts with finding the phrases that represent your products, services and business information.

With a few hundred keywords selected in the first phase, we go on to find more about keyword popularity. Not only do we find how popular a keyword is, we also check its popularity as compared to the others in the list. We collect data from popular search engines, including Yahoo, Google and MSN, and assign a relevance factor to these phrases.

In the final phase, we create a list/report covering competition information for some of the highest volume keywords. Here, we also pay attention to important factors like the number of keywords in page Titles, Keyword Effectiveness Index, etc. This helps us find the best keywords to effectively optimize your website.

Why to Opt for Our Keyword Research Services

With so many so-called SEO experts out there, it's never easy to make a right call. However, we have such system in place that separates us from all the rest. Here are a few reasons why you should let us find keywords for your website.

  • Complete Knowledge of Your Business: We learn about your business first and work with you to find out about your business needs and targets. This helps us determine who will be searching for your products and how.

  • Learn about Your Competition: We also pay attention to your competition, their rankings and the keywords they are using to generate traffic.

  • Keyword Research Tools: We strive hard to deliver the best keyword research services and for this, our SEO team constantly keeps an eye on every new keyword analysis tool available online.

  • Global and Local Search: Our team not only considers global search volume for different key phrases, but also pays attention to how popular it is locally. This helps us in selecting niche keyword for your business.

  • Cost Effectiveness: Offering high quality keyword search services at affordable rates is yet another reason why we have managed to carve a place of our own in the highly competitive SEO industry. Check our packages and try to beat us for rates!

By doing all these things, we ensure that you get the most effective keyword list, which will contain the phrases that are relevant to your business and help you see the necessary conversions.

What Sets Us Apart From Our Competition?

Many SEO companies fail to deliver the goods because the early stages of search engine marketing are painfully slow, usually without any tangible results. They go for a short cut, use a basic keyword research tool and start optimizing your content. They may get your site listed for that keyword, but they cannot promise targeted traffic because in most cases the keywords they choose are not relevant.

Being a professional SEO company, we know patience is the key to success. We know it's boring and time-consuming to do in-depth keyword research, but our experts also know there's no point in conducting a campaign if we're not picking the best keywords. We always develop a strategy first, and even if when we use tools, our experts ensure they are interpreting the report in an intelligent way.

Overall, it doesn't matter how visually appealing your website is or how many products it has to offer, you'll never get desired results if it fails to gain visibility in the search engines. And to try any SEO technique for better visibility, you'll have to start by finding the most effective keywords. That's when you can trust our keyword search service. So, don't let your online marketing campaign fall apart for not using the right keywords – contact us now!

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