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Blog Commenting Service | Buy Quality Blog Comments

Make your presence felt online and get highly targeted, qualified traffic for your website by using our Blog Commenting service.

Blog commenting service

It was never as difficult to make your business stand out as it has become today. With hundreds of sites striving hard to get targeted traffic, it’s never easy to put up a fight. Unless of course, you rely on the best and most effective link building and SEO techniques, and that’s when you can trust our blog commenting service.

Commenting on blog can turn out to be one excellent way of winning targeted traffic and backlinks for your website. The service we offer is of premium quality and every comment we leave is on high PR blog. The icing on the cake is that we offer approved comments, not submission service. With our blog comments Service and we ensure that each one of them is approved. This further improves the value for money you get while opting for our blog commenting service.





Slow and Consistent – the Recipe for SEO Success:

Monthly blog commenting serviceAt Linking Service, all of our services are carefully planned according to the latest Google algorithm changes. The same is the case with Blog Commenting Service that we know will work extremely well when done regularly. And that’s why we have our monthly packages in place.

Considering the latest trends, no link building method will work unless it’s relevant to your business. Moreover, you need to be consistent but maintain a slow speed – slow enough to yield positive results while avoiding Google’s over optimization penalty. Just pick one of our monthly packages and we’ll keep working on your site maintaining the right pace.




Monthly Package



Why You Should Get Blog Comments:

SEO blog comments work in your favor because Google pay more attention to one way links compared to reciprocal links. By managing to leave a comment on a high PR blog with “dofollow” attribute, you give your site a chance to see a boost in the number of visitors. Since we leave comments on niche blogs, the traffic you get is highly targeting, improving the chances of you making more sales.

When a link on a high PR blog links back to your site, it signals Google bots that you have something relevant and of very high quality available on your site. Considering this vote, Google pushes you up in the Search Engine Results pages. It means you get dual benefits through blog commenting – you get targeted traffic and manage to improve your rankings.

Enjoying Premium Quality Blog Comment Service

Whether you want backlinks or want to see an increase in your traffic, you should only opt for the best blog comment service. We can help you here, as we have designed a quality service where we endeavor to meet highest standards. We fetch you links but never use those blogs that are already spammed with hundreds of comments.

Along with finding the right blog with the right PR, we endeavor to find posts that would be directly related to your business. Once done, we ensure that our expert writers create something of great value, so the blog owner won’t mind publishing the comment. Our comments will make people to stop, read, and then visit your link. All of this is done manually and links are permanent.

Through our blog commenting service, not only will you be able to get more links and traffic to your main page, but you will also be able to use it for deep linking. Moreover, your site can also use the link juice from a deep page on a high PR, Do-Follow blog, which is one surefire way of seeing a positive change in your Page Rank. 

The Process We Follow for Blog Commenting Service:

Our premium blog comment posting service works in your favor because we tend to pay attention to the practical details of link building and blog posting. Our team of expert follows a straightforward yet highly effective process to fetch links and traffic for your site.

  • We work with our client to identify the most relevant keywords.
  • We use those keywords along with long tail ones for maximum diversity.
  • Our research team conducts extensive research to find relevant blog pages.
  • We ensure that the selected pages are active with good readers, traffic, and PR.
  • Our Native English writers read the entire post and comments carefully.
  • Our writers conduct further research to formulate a valuable comment of 30-100 words long.
  • We always keep track of your blog pages and maintain a report of approved blog comments.

The process looks simple, but it’s not – most people would call it quits when they have to find a high PR, Do-Follow, niche blog. We take the pains and do the research to yield positive results, which is to get improved search engine rankings and higher traffic with greater visibility and better reputation. 


1. Do you just offer submission services or is there a guarantee that all your blog comments will be approved?

One important feature that sets us apart from others is that we don’t limit ourselves to submissions. The packages we offer are for approved blog comments. Not only will you get approved comments, you will also get to see a report containing comments’ location.

2. What is the life span of the links we get through your blog commenting service?

We offer high quality links by commenting on posts published on high PR blogs. While making sure we pick the best blogs, we ensure that our comments are of so high quality and relevant to the post that they stay there.

3. How do you maintain your quality while writing comments?

As we maintain a team of highly professional native English writers, you don't have to worry about the written comment. Moreover, these writers also spend time on reading the entire post, so they could leave a highly valuable comment and take part in a productive discussion.

4. What is the length of your blog comment?

Our professional writers do their research and make sure they say more in few words. Generally, our comments are around 30 words, which is usually enough to raise an important point to kickstart a discussion.

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