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Article Writing & Submission | Expert Article Writing & Submission Service


Expert article writing & submission service.Article marketing is far from being dead; it’s still effective and productive. You may have heard it a million times... "content is king" However, we have found it from our experience that this overused cliché has an important element missing... "QUALITY” content is king. And that‘s what we are here for: to provide you with a service that we have tuned up with testing, knowledge and a proven process to direct more targeted traffic our clients’ way.

The internet breeds really short attention spans; therefore, if your article isn’t up to scratch, you will fail to use an all-important viral tool. We will create Useful and Persuading content to build highly relevant and permanent one way links which not only create repeat visitors and higher rankings but also a buzz about your site.






Trigger Your Marketing Gains with Our Monthly Plans:

Monthly article writing & submission prices


You invest a lot of money, time, and effort into creating articles – why not get the best value for your money? Try one of our monthly plans.

We have systematic approach to researching and writing content that is hard to find elsewhere. We don't mind fully researching every new niche and create a grammatically correct, well structured, and converting article that will grab your reader's attention and inspire them to learn more about your products, services, and website.

Not only this, our regular clients receive special discount offers and low prices on monthly services. Our monthly subscriptions are recurring payments – that is – you purchase a package once and the money is deducted automatically for coming months. We have a comprehensive reporting system in place, so you know what we've achieved for your website in the past month. Monthly subscription is one of the faster ways of building strong traffic and improving your search engine rankings.


  • Starter
  • $20/mo.
  • 1
  • 500+ words
  • yesyesyesyesyes
  • yes
  • $60
  • Basic
  • $60/mo.
  • 3
  • 500+ words
  • yesyesyesyesyes
  • yes
  • $180
  • Pro
  • $95/mo.
  • 5
  • 500+ words
  • yesyesyesyesyes
  • yes
  • $285
  • Business
  • best price$265/mo.
  • 10
  • 500+ words
  • yesyesyesyesyes
  • yes
  • $795.00



Unique Article Writing Approach


The Ingredients We Add to Our Articles

To lay the foundation of a good article, you need to pick a right keyword. When you lack the skills required for keyword research, you will fail miserably to hit your target market. It's more like shooting an arrow at a target – aim incorrectly and you'll miss the target. Don't waste money to be lost in hordes of misfired arrows; let Linking Service take the lead.

We know the competition is stiff and loads of articles are already there on all directories, making it all too difficult to pick the good one. We invest time and effort to research your niche well so when we submit articles for you they don't end up vanishing like arrows in the dark.


Focus On the Long Tail:

Your article marketing conversions will improve manifold when we make use of long tail keywords. They are basically a combination of different phrases that expands the generic keyword; for instance, long tail keywords for "credit card" would be "credit card for students" or "no fee credit cards".

By targeting the long tail keyword browser, we target a smaller portion of the market that usually has less competition for specific keywords. It improves your CTR. But to make it work we combine these keywords with the right structural setup of articles, and create content that scores well with search engines and readers as well.


Attention to LSI:

The search engine algorithms are a lot smarter than they were used to be, making it difficult to get good results by optimizing your content for just one article. An article written around one keyword phrase would struggle to rank well. That's why our SEO article submission service takes into account the new Search Engine algorithm technology known as Latent Semantic Indexing.

Essentially, LSI is all about checking your content and webpage structure from a thematic standpoint. We not only use long tail keywords but also conduct proper research to find "search engine determined" synonyms and include them in your content to give rise to a killer copy.


Use of Powerful Article Description:

Article description is to entice the reader to take the plunge and continue reading the rest of the article. It needs to be powerful and we help you accomplish the goal. Not only do we create comprehensive descriptions, but we also optimize them well using your main keyword and supporting keywords (LSI).


Presence of a Killer Title

We follow the rule to spend more time on creating a title than we spend on writing your whole article. We know the effort on writing article will go down the drain if no one wants to continue after checking the title.

We understand that online surfers have short attention spans and that we only have seconds to grab their interest and lure them into reading your article. Our article writing and submission service makes sure they don't click out.

We always follow basic rules to create catchy titles/headlines. For instance:

  • We ensure that the title contains your main keyword.
  • We ensure that the title makes a promise and delivers.
  • We endeavor to keep your title short, where possible.

With the help of our expert copywriters, we manage to incorporate explosive article marketing tactics to create interesting titles and content. Our writers use tricks, benefits, questions, and promises in your content to make it informative to the audience. They create titles to ensure that readers at once know that the article is going to answer their queries.

Before writing titles or content, our copywriters also invest time in finding more about your niche and target audience, and what would the audience be willing to read.


The Article Introduction

Once we manage to create a good title that inspires your audience to keep reading, we know it's just half the battle won. The other half is to create compelling first paragraph or the article introduction. With our expert copywriters, you won't have to face any trouble in this regard, as they know the article introduction needs to be short and give your reader a clue about what to expect from following paragraphs.

We also use specific tactics including the ellipsis (. . .) trick that can increase your CTR tremendously. Your first paragraph is the perfect place to pre-sell your reader on the remaining article... and we know how to use this space sensibly.


The Article Body

Having spent enough time on creating titles and first introductory paragraph doesn't mean the battle is won. The reader is still reading the article. Great, but we don't lose it right here. Unlike the mistake made by most article marketers, we ensure that we fulfill the promise made in the article title and introduction.

Then we work on article body, pay attention to creating killer transitions, and conclude your article with a call to make an action; we also add resource boxes considering your niche. All this helps maintain your reader's interest. At the same time, it ensures that the article gets approved by popular article directories.

With our manual article submission service, you have nothing to worry about. We not only create articles delivering on what we've promised in title and intro, but we also submit it to directories like Ezine with guaranteed inclusion. This ensures that your article is informative to readers and becomes a constant source of traffic and income for your site.


Article Writing & Submission: The Process


    • 1

      You select and order one of our best manual article submission and writing services and get directed to a simple form that collects your website details.

    • 2

      Our SEO experts receive your project and start with searching for low competition, relevant and targeted keywords for your niche; they use them to optimize your content for top rankings.

    • 3

      We send advanced keyword search results for your approval; once done, we proceed to the next step.

    • 4

      Our SEO expert copywriters come into play and conduct research on your topic/niche to write interesting and compelling search engine optimized article.

    • 5

      We send you the completed article for approval; we have excellent approval rate, but if you're not satisfied, we'll edit it until you do.

    • 6

      Once approved, our expert copywriter and data entry team gets together to create hundred unique and original versions of your article.

    • 7

      Our trained data entry team takes the lead and submits one unique article to each article submission directory with hundred unique links pointing back to your site.

    • 8

      In the final step, you get a complete and detailed report of the writing and submission service you have selected; this displays how much we have achieved for you.



What kind of results we can produce?

Results you see from our article marketing and submission service vary from niche to niche; however, you should always expect a boost in targeted traffic coming from articles/article directories along with seeing an improvement in your search engine rankings. You get maximum results when a campaign is conducted on monthly basis, as it helps generate traffic and build trust.

How long will it take to complete the project?

From ordering to completion of the project, it takes eight simple steps. However, we endeavor to complete the keyword research and article writing within 72 hours. It takes 10 working days to complete manual submission; the gap between submissions prevents Google filter. Overall, it takes 15 days to complete your project..

Why do you conduct a keyword research?

We conduct our research to identify low-competition long-tailed keywords that help rank your site high in search engines. While outsourcing article submission, you can be sure of seeing a consistent increase in your rankings since we target relevant keywords for your niche.

Why you don't offer discount on the first payment for monthly plans?

Some clients want to use our services for a one-time project only to make use of discounted prices. We try to discourage this; however, our long-term clients always get to see hefty discount deals.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Log into your PayPal account and cancel it – simple! You can cancel it anytime you want, but you'd never want to do it considering the quality standard we maintain.

How do you ensure the quality of the articles?

We write killer articles to obtain top results. By conducting extensive research on keywords, topics, and niche, we create compelling, informative, and optimized articles that also have attention-grabbing title and resource box to increase your click through rate (CTR).

Who’s writing articles for my site?

With a team having a combination of highly skilled U.S. and U.K. writers, we manage to keep every client happy. You can choose between American and British writers to ensure the end product is suitable for your target audience. However, we always try to write articles in simple words so a person with English as a second language would not get confused while reading the content.

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